Our story

Native Drink Co. is part of the First Food Co business www,firstfoodco.com.au. 
We proudly produce premium Native Australian beverages  using 100% Australian grown ingredients.

There's nothing else like it on the market, it's a unique taste experience.

'Im really proud to be introducing consumers worldwide to the distinctive flavours of my homeland infused into Sparkling Apple Juice’.
Proud Co-owner & Indiginous Chef - Dale Chapmann




Dale Chapman
As an Indigenous Australian, Dale started learning about native food when she was a toddler from her Mum. Travelling the world representing Australia at Slow Food Italy she has built a career around the use of native Australian ingredients. The most respected Indigenous chef, Dale is the passionate about sharing the wonderful flavours into today's food and beverages.


Karen Perks

Karen spent years working in mainstream executive positions, until she found her true calling. Always a lover of fine food and supporter of local business, Karen champions the sharing of Australian natives into a full range of food and bevergaes.